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Welcome to the Storm Assist Network. Our team has been helping rebuild communities after major storms for a while now. We understand that it can be a monumental task to restore not only your home, but your community, and in some cases, an entire city after it's taken a beating from Mother Nature. Most of the time there is just too much work for local contractors to handle and dealing with an out-of-state construction company can be a scary thing. As property owners ourselves we understand how you feel and for that reason Storm Assist was created. We have developed a reliable network of contractors that are qualified and reputable to restore your property. Storm Assist provides contractors in our network the powerful tools they need to handle your claim effectively. We have developed cohesive systems, utilized relevant technology, and provide training that stays up-to-date with the insurance carriers. Our goal was to help eliminate friction by streamlining the process and in addition, provide a true third party warrant. Storm Assist is bringing communities together one storm at a time.

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